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Oyster Sauce / Abalone Paste
Hot Chili Sauce
Premium Golden Label Superior Light Soy Sauce
Canned Sardine in Tomato Sauce
Extremely Fresh Soy Sauce
Soya Protein Powder
Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
Glow In Dark Sticker
Aluminum Saucepan
Black Soya Bean
Compressed Soy Sauce Powder
Chilli Sauce
Sauce Pan
Organic Soybeans
Black Soya Bean
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Oyster Sauce / Abalone Paste Xiamen Yangjiang Oyster Sauce I/E Co., Ltd

Title: Oyster Sauce / Abalone Paste
Description: Oyster sauce is a high-grade seasoning prepared from the mixture which mainly consists of distillation of high-quality fresh oyster. It can be used to >>>

Total Matching Results: 19
Manufactored: China
Hot Chili Sauce Lian Yi Development Company Limited

Title: Hot Chili Sauce
Description: * Red flavored sauce, produced by natural Chinese red chili * No genetically modified ingredients have been used in the production * Available pack >>>

Total Matching Results: 16
Manufactored: China
Sauce Guangzhou Yilin Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

Title: Sauce
Description: Italian, Mexican, tomato, ginger, vegetable and meat flavor sauces. >>>

Total Matching Results: 9
Manufactored: China
Premium Golden Label Superior Light Soy Sauce Zhongshan Vigarce Food & Beverage Co., Ltd.

Title: Premium Golden Label Superior Light Soy Sauce
Description: Features: 1) Specifications: 2.27kg, 620ml, 500ml & 150ml 2) Characteristics: high standard amido-nitrogen with higher quality, better taste an >>>

Total Matching Results: 7
Manufactored: China
Canned Sardine in Tomato Sauce Shandong Seamount Trade Co., Ltd.

Title: Canned Sardine in Tomato Sauce
Description: We are the exporter of canned sardines in tomato sauce. Size:425G(15OZ.); 155G(5.5OZ) >>>

Total Matching Results: 6
Manufactored: China
Extremely Fresh Soy Sauce Shandong Linghua Monosodium Glutamate Incorporated Company

Title: Extremely Fresh Soy Sauce
Description: With high quality and carefully chosen soya bean and wheat as raw material, soy sauce adopts traditional technology. It has strong fragrant and delici >>>

Total Matching Results: 5
Manufactored: China
Soya Protein Powder Wanzhong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Title: Soya Protein Powder
Description: Features: 1) Coarse protein: >69% 2) Coarse fat: >>>

Total Matching Results: 5
Manufactored: China
Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Tai'an Taigao Trading Corp.,Ltd.

Title: Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
Description: Features: 1) Solar auto darkening welding helmet 2) Advanced technology, top quality for comfortable working conditions, modernized design con >>>

Total Matching Results: 5
Manufactored: China
Glow In Dark Sticker Cangnan Gaofeng Adornment & Gift Co., Ltd.

Title: Glow In Dark Sticker
Description: Features: 1) Can be applied to any smooth surface, such as glass doors, window panes, ceramic tiles, home appliances, and cars 2) Manufacture >>>

Total Matching Results: 4
Manufactored: China
Aluminum Saucepan Zhejiang Yongkang Xiangxiang Tool Manufacturer Company

Title: Aluminum Saucepan
Description: Features: 1) Material: aluminum alloy 2) Handle: bakelite single handle, aluminum casting stay-cool 3) Interior surface: DYFLON 2-layer black no >>>

Total Matching Results: 3
Manufactored: China
Black Soya  Bean Dalian Xinnuo International Trade Co., Ltd.

Title: Black Soya Bean
Description: Specifications: 1) Size: 190-200 counts/100g 2) Moisture: 14-15% (max.) 3) Admixture: 1% (max.) 4) HSP quality Packing: 50kg/new PP bag >>>

Total Matching Results: 3
Manufactored: China
Compressed Soy Sauce Powder Shanghai Sunrise International Co., Ltd.

Title: Compressed Soy Sauce Powder
Description: Description and characteristics: 1) Uses fermented soy sauce as the raw material and spray dried 2) With full-bodied soy sauce fragrance and ester f >>>

Total Matching Results: 3
Manufactored: China
Chilli Sauce Zhong Shan Kahhow Foods Co., Ltd.

Title: Chilli Sauce
Description: Product description: JINGBA chilli sauce is produced with finest chili with vinegar, using advanced manufacturing technology. It smells full-bodied an >>>

Total Matching Results: 2
Manufactored: China
Sauce Pan Zhuhai Double Happiness Pressure Cooker Co., Ltd.

Title: Sauce Pan
Description: Descriptions: 1) Multi-dimensional design ensures even and quick heat transmission 2) Energy saving and heat preservation save time and energy 3) D >>>

Total Matching Results: 2
Manufactored: China
Organic Soybeans Qingdao HiTrust Import And Export Co., Ltd.

Title: Organic Soybeans
Description: Specifications: 1) Moisture: 14% (max.) 2) Admixture: 1.5% 3) Imperfect beans: 8% Packing: New gunny/PP bags >>>

Total Matching Results: 2
Manufactored: China
Black Soya Bean Shandong Dahai (Group) Co., Ltd.

Title: Black Soya Bean
Description: 1. Black soya bean 2. Different specifications available 3. Good quality >>>

Total Matching Results: 2
Manufactored: China

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