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Canned Yellow Peach (Slices Strip)
Mushroom Stone
Pickled Ginger Slice (Red)
Shiitake Mushroom
Multifunctional Slicers
Shiitake Mushroom in Brine
Garlic/Chilli Powder, Onion Slice/Granule, Carrot Granule
Canned Mushroom
Mushroom Dark Soy Sauce
Dried Squid Tentacle Slice
mushroom slice
Mushroom Slices
Pineapple Slice
Carved Shiitake
Sliced Octopus
frzoen mushroom
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Pharmaceutical equipment for the production of tablets with a diameter of up to 20 mm
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Canned Yellow Peach (Slices Strip) Xiamen Mountain Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Title: Canned Yellow Peach (Slices Strip)
Description: Features: 1) A10 canned yellow peach (in sliced strips, Brix 14-17) 2) N.W.: 3,000g 3) G.W.: 1,800g 4) Size: at 8 - 15g per strip Packing: cart >>>

Total Matching Results: 14
Manufactored: China

Title: Mushroom Stone
Description: We are specialized in processing all kinds of stone products, such as slabs, thin tiles, stone lines, carving, mushroom stones, cubes, river pebbles, >>>

Total Matching Results: 10
Manufactored: China
Pickled Ginger Slice (Red) Shandong Tonghai Food Co., Ltd.

Title: Pickled Ginger Slice (Red)
Description: Process: choose the fresh and young ginger, rinse them into brine, sliced into pieces, between 0.8mm and 1.5mm, preserved in acetic acid and candied, >>>

Total Matching Results: 8
Manufactored: China
Shiitake Mushroom Hebei Richsource I/E Co., Ltd.

Title: Shiitake Mushroom
Description: Features: 1) Shiitake mushroom 2) Frozen shiitake mushroom: whole, blocks, and slices 3) Fresh shiitake mushroom: whole >>>

Total Matching Results: 7
Manufactored: China
Multifunctional Slicers Huangyan Dasheng Plastics Products Co., Ltd.

Title: Multifunctional Slicers
Description: This multifunctional slicer could be used to slice many kinds of vegetables, such as onions, carrots, etc. You could stab the vegetable by the stab o >>>

Total Matching Results: 6
Manufactored: China
Shiitake Mushroom in Brine Oriental (Zhangzhou) & Co., Ltd.

Title: Shiitake Mushroom in Brine
Description: Specification: 1) Diameter: 2-4cm, 4-6cm or 3-5cm, 5-7cm 2) Stems: ≤1.5cm 3) Style: open edge, close edge Outer packing: 50kg/drum Co >>>

Total Matching Results: 4
Manufactored: China
Garlic/Chilli Powder, Onion Slice/Granule, Carrot Granule Linyi Zhongli Food Co., Ltd.

Title: Garlic/Chilli Powder, Onion Slice/Granule, Carrot Granule
Description: Garlic powder (first grade): 1) Specifications: 80-100,100-120 mesh 2) Color: 100% pure natural white 3) Moisture: 6% max. 4) Supply period: a >>>

Total Matching Results: 4
Manufactored: China
Canned Mushroom China Green (FuJian) Foods IMP. & EXP. Co., Ltd

Title: Canned Mushroom
Description: This product is available in 6 x 2,840g, 2 4 x 850g and 24 x 425g. Inner packing: Plate or glass bottle Outer packing: Carton >>>

Total Matching Results: 4
Manufactored: China
Mushroom Dark Soy Sauce Lian Yi Development Company Limited

Title: Mushroom Dark Soy Sauce
Description: * Dark brown liquid, produced from natural, traditional Chinese fermentation of soy beans * No genetically modified ingredients have been used in the >>>

Total Matching Results: 3
Manufactored: China
Dried Squid Tentacle Slice Qingdao Hanzhou Foods Co., Ltd.

Title: Dried Squid Tentacle Slice
Description: We supply a variety of aquatic products. Dried squid tentacle slice is processed to get rid of eyes and mouth and adding seasoning, salting and drying >>>

Total Matching Results: 3
Manufactored: China
mushroom slice Hangzhou Oriental Imp. & Exp Co., Ltd.

Title: mushroom slice
Description: Features: 1) Grade: first grade, second grade 2) Origin: Fujian, Zhejiang Packing: Carton lined with aluminum foil bag or according to client's >>>

Total Matching Results: 3
Manufactored: China
Mushroom Slices Orient Foods (China) Co., Ltd.

Title: Mushroom Slices
Description: Features: 1) Mushroom slices 2) Typical mushroom flavor and taste 3) Moisture max.: 6% 4) No foreign matters 5) Grade: washed, double washed, un >>>

Total Matching Results: 2
Manufactored: China
Pineapple Slice Zhanjiang Eat Strong Food Industrial Co., Ltd.

Title: Pineapple Slice
Description: We can supply various canned pineapples: 1) Style: slice, tidbits, pieces, chunks, crushed 2) Can size: 425g x 24 454g x 24 567g x 12 567g x >>>

Total Matching Results: 2
Manufactored: China
Carved Shiitake Zunhua City Meikeduo Foods Co., Ltd.

Title: Carved Shiitake
Description: Inner packing: 500g/plastic bag Outer packing: 10 bags/ctn >>>

Total Matching Results: 2
Manufactored: China
Sliced Octopus Xiamen East Ocean Fishery Imp and Exp Co., Ltd.

Title: Sliced Octopus
Description: Specifications: 1) Matako for sushi: a) 9g/pc b) 8g/pc c) 7g/pc 2) Matako for salad: 4g/pc 3) Head: 9 - 11g/pc 4) Leg: 7 - 13g/pc Inner pa >>>

Total Matching Results: 2
Manufactored: China
frzoen mushroom Qingdao Jinhangtong Trade Co., Ltd.

Title: frzoen mushroom
Description: We supply frozen and salted murshroom,Packing size can be made as per your demands. Our products are complying with national export standard, and are >>>

Total Matching Results: 2
Manufactored: China

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