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Laminator Laminating Machine 5F400:
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Automatic Vertical Weighing and Packaging Machine
blow moulding machine
Welding Machines
Injection Molding Machine
Welding Machine
3-Side Sealing/Bag Making Machine
Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine
Medical Tube Making Machine
Water Bottling Machine
Plastic Recycling Machines
Automatic Tube Making Machine
Injection Blow Molding Machine
Rubber Bowl for washing machine
Blow Molding Machines
Blow Molding / Moulding Machines
Automatic Batch Pre-Expander (EPS Machinery)
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Pharmaceutical equipment for the production of tablets with a diameter of up to 20 mm
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Automatic Vertical Weighing and Packaging Machine Shanghai Xinglu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Title: Automatic Vertical Weighing and Packaging Machine
Description: Features: 1) Components: main packaging machine, 10 head auto computer weighing, Z type conveyor, vibrating conveyor, platform, product convey >>>

Total Matching Results: 77
Manufactored: China
blow  moulding machine Wenzhou Huili Machinery Co., Ltd.

Title: blow moulding machine
Description: HZ-3000 stretch blow moulding machine is suitable to produce PET/PC/PP and bottles in all shapes. It is widely used to produce carbonated soft drink >>>

Total Matching Results: 51
Manufactored: China
Welding Machines Jiali Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Title: Welding Machines
Description: We can supply high quality welding machines. >>>

Total Matching Results: 38
Manufactored: China
Injection Molding Machine Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd.

Title: Injection Molding Machine
Description: Features: 1. Plastics injection molding machine from 60 to 3,500 metric tons clamping force. 2. High-speed/close-loop hybrid injection molding >>>

Total Matching Results: 31
Manufactored: China
Welding Machine Yongkang Zhiying Hardware Welding Tools Factory

Title: Welding Machine
Description: Features: 1) Suits for welding thick plate whose thickness is above 0.8mm 2) Low cost, high efficiency and good welding quality 3) Simply operati >>>

Total Matching Results: 31
Manufactored: China
3-Side Sealing/Bag Making Machine Zhejiang Wity Machinery Group

Title: 3-Side Sealing/Bag Making Machine
Description: Features: 1) This machine is suitable for making laminated film of three-side sealed bags, central-sealed bags, standing up bags, and zipper bag >>>

Total Matching Results: 31
Manufactored: China
Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine Dongguan Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Title: Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine
Description: Applicable materials: rubber, plastic, organic glass, cloth, leather, wool fabric, ceramics, tile, crystal, acrylic, jade, bamboo, wood, and other >>>

Total Matching Results: 27
Manufactored: China
Medical Tube Making Machine Rui'an Greatwall Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Title: Medical Tube Making Machine
Description: This machine is specially used for two-layer material: paper and heat-seal plastic film. It is heat cut and heat sealed. It is rewinded after it is c >>>

Total Matching Results: 26
Manufactored: China
Water Bottling Machine Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.

Title: Water Bottling Machine
Description: Specifications: 1) Automatic washing, filling, capping 2) Five working stations available 3) Stainless steel waterproof housing 4) PLC controlled >>>

Total Matching Results: 26
Manufactored: China
Plastic Recycling Machines Guangzhou Guoyan Industry Develop Co., Ltd.

Title: Plastic Recycling Machines
Description: Plastic recycling machines, plastic membrane machines and plastic-sheet bag making machines are available. >>>

Total Matching Results: 25
Manufactored: China
Automatic Tube Making Machine China Packing & Food Machinery Shanghai Company

Title: Automatic Tube Making Machine
Description: B.GLS-III tube machine is successfully researched, designed and manufactured by us with the advanced technologies home and abroad on our tube machine >>>

Total Matching Results: 25
Manufactored: China
Injection Blow Molding Machine Jiangsu Victor Machinery Co., Ltd.

Title: Injection Blow Molding Machine
Description: Features: 1) Suitable for PP, PE, PS materials 2) Can make plastic bottles from 3ml to 500ml 3) Speed is high, capacity is bigger 4) Uses Americ >>>

Total Matching Results: 25
Manufactored: China
Rubber Bowl for washing machine NFTZ Sunshine International Trading Co., Ltd.

Title: Rubber Bowl for washing machine
Description: All kinds of metal marts for washing machine, such as screws, springs, brake parts, belts, mats, cushions, gear box, rubber bowl... >>>

Total Matching Results: 25
Manufactored: China
Blow Molding Machines Fujian Quanzhou Henglong Economic and Development Co., Ltd.

Title: Blow Molding Machines
Description: Blow molding machine consists of a reducer, transducer, control panel, screw electrical box, and hydraulic unit. >>>

Total Matching Results: 23
Manufactored: China
Blow Molding / Moulding Machines Zhangjiagang Tongda Machinery Co., Ltd.

Title: Blow Molding / Moulding Machines
Description: Features: 1) Blow-fill-seal technology: TDBFSII-5L/2A 2) TDBFSII-5L/2 3 in 1 blow-fill-seal liquid packaging system operates cycle blows, fil >>>

Total Matching Results: 23
Manufactored: China
Automatic Batch Pre-Expander (EPS Machinery) Hangzhou Fangyuan Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd

Title: Automatic Batch Pre-Expander (EPS Machinery)
Description: Features: 1) This automatic batch pre-expander has a PLC and touch panel with a fully automatic production cycle controlling filling, electroni >>>

Total Matching Results: 23
Manufactored: China

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