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Stainless Steel Outdoor Lamp with Sensor
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Table Lamp
LED Project Lamp
Quartz Crystal Materials
Crystal Pendants 0005
Mono-Crystalline Solar Module
Table Neon Lamps
Indicator Lamp
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Pharmaceutical equipment for the production of tablets with a diameter of up to 20 mm
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Crystal Soil Demi Chemical Co., Ltd. Zhuhai

Title: Crystal Soil
Description: Features: 1) Crystal soil is a new type of green environmental material 2) It's non-toxic, odorless, and clear 3) It can absorb water up to 50-1 >>>

Total Matching Results: 57
Manufactored: China
Mirror Lamp Zhongshan Guzhen Jintao Lighting Factory

Title: Mirror Lamp
Description: Features: 1) Models: a) 9942 / 10W T4 b) 9944 / 8W T4 c) 9944 / 16W T4 d) 9944 / 20W T4 e) 9944 / 22W T4 f) 9948 / 40W >>>

Total Matching Results: 42
Manufactored: China
Chinese Bamboo Lampshade Shanghai Upsky Industries Co., Ltd.

Title: Chinese Bamboo Lampshade
Description: Chinese handmade bamboo artistic lampshade The bamboo has been deal with before made, so it can keep for a long time Packing: Carton >>>

Total Matching Results: 37
Manufactored: China
1U-4U Intubated Energy Saving Lamps Zhongshan Norslan Lighting & Electronic Co., Ltd.

Title: 1U-4U Intubated Energy Saving Lamps
Description: Features: 1) Made of plastic tube 2) Increased luminous intensity 3) Endless duration attenuation 4) Decreased heat emission 5) Long lifespan >>>

Total Matching Results: 30
Manufactored: China
Stainless Steel Outdoor Lamp with Sensor Ryco Electrical Co., Ltd.

Title: Stainless Steel Outdoor Lamp with Sensor
Description: Specifications: 1) Stainless steel wall lamp with sensor 2) G9 40W bulb 3) Clear PC cover 4) Style: upwards, upwards w/sensor, pole lamp (height >>>

Total Matching Results: 29
Manufactored: China
Headlamp Ningbo Tenglong Outdoor Implement Co., Ltd.

Title: Headlamp
Description: Features: 1) Material: ABS 2) Bulb type: a) 9580-8: LED b) 9580B-8: white LED + 1 red LED c) 9580C-8: white LED + 2 red LEDs 3) >>>

Total Matching Results: 26
Manufactored: China
LED Headlamps Ningbo Rapid International Co., Ltd.

Title: LED Headlamps
Description: Features: 1) 7 ultra bright white LEDs (light emitting diodes), light burn life of around 18,000 hours 2) 40 hours or more for continuous lig >>>

Total Matching Results: 24
Manufactored: China
Energy Saving Lamp Hangzhou Leiwei Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Title: Energy Saving Lamp
Description: Voltage: 110 - 130V, 220 - 240V Watt range and life time can work under your request Light bulb fittings: screw and bayonet Packing: Double-lay >>>

Total Matching Results: 24
Manufactored: China
Table Lamp Clear Vision Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Title: Table Lamp
Description: Table lamps made of polyresin. >>>

Total Matching Results: 24
Manufactored: China
LED Project Lamp Shenzhen Dasheng Investment Co., Ltd.

Title: LED Project Lamp
Description: Features: 1) Shape: 5, 8" ellipsoid 2) LED usage life: 100,000h 3) Durable, dust-proof, waterproof 4) Protective grade: IP65 5) Colors: red, yel >>>

Total Matching Results: 22
Manufactored: China
Quartz Crystal Materials Zibo Yufeng Industrial Co., Ltd.

Title: Quartz Crystal Materials
Description: All kinds of specifications and sizes other than standard products are available according to customers' requirements. >>>

Total Matching Results: 22
Manufactored: China
Crystal Pendants 0005 Shanghai Henry Arts Co., Ltd.

Title: Crystal Pendants 0005
Description: 1. Made with high quality crystal 2. Unique design >>>

Total Matching Results: 22
Manufactored: China
Mono-Crystalline Solar Module Wuxi Shangpin Solar Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Title: Mono-Crystalline Solar Module
Description: We can offer crystalline silicon solar modules, modules and PV powered products. >>>

Total Matching Results: 20
Manufactored: China
Table Neon Lamps Nantong Yifa Lighting Co., Ltd.

Title: Table Neon Lamps
Description: Features: 1) Table neon lamp with GS / BS / UL / CUL adaptor 2) More than 100 designs for customers' choices 3) Accords with CE / UL / ROHS requir >>>

Total Matching Results: 20
Manufactored: China
Indicator Lamp Yueqing Shi Shinaidi Electrical Co., Ltd.

Title: Indicator Lamp
Description: Features: 1) Article No.: ST23, ST26, ST28, T18, T20, T22 2) Voltage: 110 - 130V, 220 - 240V 3) Power: 5 - 15W, 5 - 25W >>>

Total Matching Results: 19
Manufactored: China
LED Night Lamps Hangzhou Xincai Photoelectricity Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Title: LED Night Lamps
Description: Features: 1) Energy-saving with security 2) Colorful 3) Decorative and romantic 4) The soft color helps you sleep well 5) Intelligent control lig >>>

Total Matching Results: 15
Manufactored: China

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