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Computer-Controlled Steam Chamber
Tea Drink
Function Tea Series
Tea Extract
Fujian Green Tea
Tealight Holder MT03121_1
Jinshan Green Sword Tea
Outdoor Spa and Steam House
Stemmed Black Teacup
Laminate Flooring (Teak)
Steam Bath Generator
Instant Granule Tea Products
Super Fine Barium Sulfate Powder
lungching green tea in tin
Steam Generator
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Computer-Controlled Steam Chamber Royalking Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

Title: Computer-Controlled Steam Chamber
Description: Features: 1) Dimensions: 900 x 900 x 2,240mm 2) Computer control (with remote controller) 3) Steam sauna 4) Scottish shower 5) Needle nozzle 6 >>>

Total Matching Results: 41
Manufactored: China
Tea Drink Hangzhou Choisun Tea Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.

Title: Tea Drink
Description: Features: 1) With all kinds flavors 2) Ingredient: purified water, green tea leave, honey, sugar, fructose, sodium iso-ascorbate, vitamin C, s >>>

Total Matching Results: 31
Manufactored: China
Function Tea Series Fujian Provincial Medicines & Health Products Xiamen Import & Export Corporation

Title: Function Tea Series
Description: Features: 1) Lowers blood sugar level 2) Removes need for hard dieting 3) Tastes fine 4) Two or three cups between meals better results 7) Long >>>

Total Matching Results: 25
Manufactored: China
Tea Extract Damin Foodstuff (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Title: Tea Extract
Description: We specialize in the production of various kinds of tea extract, such as green tea, black tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea, pu-er tea, and white tea. >>>

Total Matching Results: 25
Manufactored: China
Fujian Green Tea Guangzhou Junqi Trading Corp. Ltd.

Title: Fujian Green Tea
Description: Fujian Province is famous for its oolong tea, jasmine tea and white tea. Today, many Chinese teas use green tea from Fujian Province as the raw tea >>>

Total Matching Results: 18
Manufactored: China
Tealight Holder MT03121_1 Hangzhou Landward Industrial Co., Ltd.

Title: Tealight Holder MT03121_1
Description: Specifications: 1) Material: metal and glass 2) Folding screen style >>>

Total Matching Results: 18
Manufactored: China
Jinshan Green Sword Tea Zhejiang Caiyunjian Tea Co., Ltd.

Title: Jinshan Green Sword Tea
Description: The earliest developed Organic tea of China. It is elaborated manually with the picked tender bud during the mid-March to the Qingming Festival by t >>>

Total Matching Results: 17
Manufactored: China
Outdoor Spa and Steam House Foshan Gaoming Yuehua Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

Title: Outdoor Spa and Steam House
Description: Acrylic color: white, upgrade choice: ocean blue, tree green or pure black: Wood panel (optional): natural wood, dark red, black color option: ash, >>>

Total Matching Results: 15
Manufactored: China
Stemmed Black Teacup Shanghai Yuebin Craftwork Market Management Co., Ltd.

Title: Stemmed Black Teacup
Description: 1) Elegantly made according to traditional technology, with romantic charm of handicraft 2) Combining artistic beauty with practical utility >>>

Total Matching Results: 14
Manufactored: China
Laminate Flooring (Teak) Efloor (Guangzhou) Timber Industry Co., Ltd.

Title: Laminate Flooring (Teak)
Description: Features: 1) Hardwearing surface; durable patterns 2) Various and fashionable designs 3) Color never changes or fades even in strong sunshine >>>

Total Matching Results: 12
Manufactored: China
Steam Bath Generator Foshan STEPON Electronics Co., Ltd.

Title: Steam Bath Generator
Description: Specifications: 1) Auto drain function after each operation 2) Digital easy-to-read control panel 3) Steam bath time easy adjustment on electronic >>>

Total Matching Results: 8
Manufactored: China
Instant Granule Tea Products Yikang Nutritional and Healthcare Product Development Co., Ltd.

Title: Instant Granule Tea Products
Description: It is convenient to take and carry. Ingredients: natural organic honey, pearl active calcium, anhydrous glucose >>>

Total Matching Results: 8
Manufactored: China
Teapoy Bazhoushi Xing Guang Furniture Co., Ltd.

Title: Teapoy
Description: Model no.: A211-2 1) Dimensions: 900 x 700 x 10mm 2) Description: 10mm thickness tempered glass table top 3) Chrome frame and tempered glass Pac >>>

Total Matching Results: 8
Manufactored: China
Super Fine Barium Sulfate Powder Shanghai Yuejiang Titanium Chemical Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Title: Super Fine Barium Sulfate Powder
Description: Features: 1) Average particle size: 1±0.2um 2) Moisture: 0.2% (max.) 3) #400 sieve reside: 0.008% (max.) 4) Whiteness: 95 (min.) 5) Oil abs >>>

Total Matching Results: 8
Manufactored: China
lungching green tea in tin Hangzhou Oriental Imp. & Exp Co., Ltd.

Title: lungching green tea in tin
Description: a special kind of china green tea. only plant in Hangzhou ,Zhejiang area in china. people called it the king of china green tea. grade1-5 packin >>>

Total Matching Results: 7
Manufactored: China
Steam Generator Shenzhen Keya Sauna & Swimming Pool Equipment Co., Ltd.

Title: Steam Generator
Description: Specifications: 1) Power: 3 - 12kW, voltage: 220/380V, phase:1/3 2) Two controllers: K100, K100N 3) Operates machine for 30 or 60 minutes before >>>

Total Matching Results: 6
Manufactored: China

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